• Enhance public education and community awareness of safety and wellness issues such as fire prevention, emergency medical issues, CPR and first aid training, home safety, and proper child car seat use.
  • Raise funds to assist the Greenwood Fire Department in providing the highest level of public safety to our community.
  • Encourage the health and wellness of Greenwood Firefighters and its citizens.
  • Promote civic spirit and support for public safety.
  • Provide resources for families of firefighters and victims and survivors of fire and other disasters in our community.


Currently the GFF is raising money to fund a new fire themed play pocket that will be placed on the grounds of Station 91 Headquarters just across the bridge from the amphitheater. We are planning to hold several fundraising events in the next few months to support this project. Check back soon for how you can help. To learn more or donate now click on the donate tab above.